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Since we established our business in 2001,we have been accumulated more and more experience & growing stronger day by day!
Over 20 Years of Success
“Through innovation, creativity and challenges, we will always offer efficient and optimal solutions for our clients.”
. Since our launch in 2001, we deliver high value cargo and offer valuable services.
. Along with 8 China branches and over 50 staffs.
. Generated over USD 20 millions of sales revenue yearly.



We Delivering The Best Global Logistics Solutions
 The Most Eminent Logistics service provider. Our Branches located in Hong Kong and BEIJING SHENZHEN SHANGHAI  GUANGZHOU CHENGDU all over China.
 TOBECAN was established with a small idea that was incepted in the minds of its founder in the year 2001 We skillfully guide applicants for their cargo process to any country they aspire to deliver.

How We Work for Customers

Apply Online

You can apply with details in online for our services.


Our experts check documentation on submission as per policy.


After reviewing your documents we will get in touch.

Final Destination

You are all ready to deliver or supply your package.



Why Choose TOBECAN Logistics Service?
 The Most Eminent Logistics Consultant service provider. Branches in Hong Kong and CHINA.
.Tailor-Made Service
 The customer’s demand turns into a real world of logistics flow. In order to design the Tailer Made Service, Tobecan's logistics consulting team studies production environment and logistics requirement. The Tailor-Made Service is only for the respectable client!
.One Contact Solution
 To enable you easy access to TOBECAN network with comprehensive liability. Our one contact solution consists of one network, one payment channel and one responsible party!
 To exchange shipping information through internet world. Currently TOBECAN Group has completed our IT platform including Internet Booking, Cargo Tracing, Web-based Inventory Control and Electronic Document System!


 What are the benefits of air freight shipping?
 Air freight offers you two main advantages over ocean freight: faster speeds and less handling of your goods.

What are the benefits of ocean freight shipping?
 Especially for long distances, ocean freight shipping appears as the most economical option.
 The businesses and individuals prefer this mode for the shipping of bulky and oversized cargo, such as trucks, construction materials, and industrial equipment. The modern-day ships are designed to safely carry dangerous materials and hazardous cargo. To ensure additional safety, the containers are designed to be locked and sealed. When compared to other modes, ocean freight shipping is environment friendly.

What is the difference between FCL and LCL?
 FCL means Full Container Load, which means all the goods in a container belong to a single shipper.
 LCL means Less Container Load, which is used when a shipper has to share the container with cargo of other shippers.
 The latter is chosen when the quantity of cargo is less.

Why buy the cargo insurance?
 In case of cargo incident, the fastest way for a customer to recover loss and damage is to buy the Cargo Insurance.
 Otherwise, the liability of the logistics company is limited and subject to Warsaw Convention, Hague Rules, Hamburg Rules and the Standard Trading Conditions of the company. Basically the logistics company is not eligible to buy the cargo insurance.